The Black Sheep Welcomes Us Back with Open…Arms?

Things got bawdy pretty quickly at this year’s first PBQ reading, and our return to the Black Sheep, on Tuesday night. Perhaps in honor of Valentines Day, the selections from both Paul Siegell and Jason Shneiderman were both romantic and slightly naughty.

We knew we were in for it when Paul read a poem about a girl publicly masturbating at a Phish concert (and the various reactions she garnered from the crowd). Later he got a little more romantic by showing us a selection of large-print visual poems about love.

Jason Shneiderman, in his selection of poems about the last of things, read about “The Last Widow,” who wished people remembered what men were like, as well as some less romantic but equally thought- and sigh-provoking subjects such as the last baby and the last book. On the more off-color side of things, he gave us the personification of Communism standing on a bar stool and yelling “Pussy Power!” in a hilarious poem about systems of government at the bar.

As the night was winding down, Kathy Volk Miller invited members from the crowd to read, joking that reading to a crowd was like “masturbating in front of a mirror.”

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and NSFW night, and we can’t wait to see what shenanigans are in store at our  next Slam, on February 27.

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