Kathy Volk Miller and Marion Wrenn at the Collingswood Book Fair

Kathy Volk Miller and Marion Wrenn at the Collingswood Book Fair

Kathy Volk Miller and Marion Wrenn at the Collingswood Book Fair


Tina Clowes Kay

The great escape

E.S looked around his drab grey surroundings, 

Elvis Sea-dream to you and me 
Elephant Seal to them.

Eyed the camera, that blasted eye

always pointing in his direction,

watching his every move.

The paddling pool,

well, what else could it be? 
A poor imitation of the sea 
barely enough for a tip toe in.

"Hell No!

I’ve got to go, 
this will never do.
My needs are much too grand for this,
why cant they understand?

I need room and lots of it.

I like space and this lacks it,
unticks my every box.

Don’t get me wrong

I’m a friendly kind of seal,

I like to get along
but that dammed EYE in the sky

always eyeing me


Give a guy a break

for dignities sake

I need me some


Elvis sighed

“Well I sure won’t miss you

that for sure”.

Clapped his flappers

One, two

One, two.

It was time to rock and roll…

In flew Sid his partner in crime.

A seagull, but still

he had the gall 
of any seal he knew.

“You know the drill”
“Aye Aye Captain”

and off he flew.

Raised his tail
aimed, fired,

with a wham bam and a squirt

blinded that dammed eye.

“Thanks Sid,
my old pal.
I owe you one,
I’ll never forget what you did.

Ha! Ha!”

With that said, he waddled off.

Donning his darkest shades

the ones that gave a,

I mean business,

tad sinister, shady guy look.

So no one would want to eye ball him,

keep them looking the other way

so he could make his getaway..

“So long grey.

I can’t say I’ll miss you.

Going where the waters run
clear and free,

filled with every delicacy that

a seal of my delicate nature needs.

Where the beaches beckon with pearly whites,

crisp, cool wide smiles that go on for miles.

Where cloudless skies in every blue

wash away those dreary greys.

But best of all

no freaking EYE in the sky
always stalking me.


I'll get me
some much needed


Oh Yeah!

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