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Brian Heston Finds Literary Success

July 30th, 2014

In our 80th issue you can find Brian Heston’s “An Echo,” a delightfully surrealist poem of a man falling out of the sky. Now, much like an actual echo, Brian


Kathleen Hellen Publishes Pentimento

July 29th, 2014

One look at Kathleen Hellen’s poem, “The Fire Sermon: Follansbee Coke Plant,” in issue #76 and you’ll know why she is getting such literary respect. . The water-themed piece is


Anna M. Evans Gets Historical with Sisters and Courtesans

July 25th, 2014

In our 85th issue, Major Jackson wrote an introduction to the poetry of Anna M. Evans saying, “She simply possesses a wicked awareness of how the tide of human feeling and


Janine Joseph Receives License to Publish

July 23rd, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that Janine Joseph, whose poem “Shift” was published in issue #88, has won the 2014 Kundiman Poetry Prize. Her manuscript, Driving Without a License, was chosen


You Won’t Forget John Cummings’ New Book

July 22nd, 2014

With PBQ only ten issues away from #100, it’s nice to look back on all we have accomplished and the writers we have featured along the way. Take, for instance,


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Jenean Gilstrap

the procedure...
dangerous thoughts
thoughts better left un-thought
thoughts not thought before
not caught before
not sought before
thoughts of you
twirling twisting their way
out of the cold barren skeleton of my soul
thoughts filled with x-ray images no longer black and white
taking form taking life taking my life taking me
rising falling pulsating fluctuating beating repeating
thoughts transforming morphing
melting into the laborious birth of acts
encroaching on reality on my reality
on my sovereignty on my sanity
poison pitocin injected relentlessly
into the muscle of my heart
contracting squeezing forcing out
giving birth to
dangerous acts
acts better left undone acts known acts unknown
acts best forgot acts best left behind
basic acts
with you
you acting as the ascending aorta
pumping life pumping love
preserved in the empty chambers of what was
acts pumping pulsating promising
accentuated by desire by need
by hunger by craving yearning
by a capsule life of passionless civility
at times turned uncivil
acts that criticize
acts that resist
resist reality
acts that rebel
rebelling acts
revolutionary acts
acts revolting revolving resolving
acts revealing
revealing me my thoughts my words
revealing now
of my soul...

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